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If you are here chances are that you are curious about this blog, or maybe you just like the pictures. If you like the pictures just enjoy them! If you are curious, well… here is the (brief) story.

We are four friends, from Italy. We have been friends for the last 20 years or so. We grew up in different places in the South; our roots are between Campania and Puglia. Then we traveled the world for business. Actually we met because of our job. When we say travel we don’t mean the Monday-Friday business trip: we actually spent months or years in places like California, Texas, North Carolina, London, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Ireland. We lived in these places. We also traveled for leisure of course. The world is such a beautiful and diverse place that you can never get tired of traveling, not for at least two or three lifespans. We also traveled to many places in our own Country of course; it is as diverse as a continent, the natural outcome, good and bad, of our history. We like to travel as a way to learn places, people, culture, food.

The side effect of traveling is that you start looking at “your” places, the places you grew up in, with different eyes. That happened to us. What was just normal, part of the environment and the (once) everyday life, turns out to be something special, unique when looked at with fresh eyes. Something that people who experience for the first time would be amazed by and fall in love for. We tested this on our own skin, taking each other to “our” places. It has been a great experience for all of us. Rather than visiting a place using the travel guide approach we were treated to the experience of someone local: discover the special corners, go to the old pastry shop, eat at that little restaurant by the sea, attend the most important celebration of the year that involve all town, learn why things look the way they do today and how they evolved from the past… in other words live the place the same way locals do, learning and doing things that no travel book or tourist guide would point you to.

Castel del MonteWhy a blog? And why in English??? We just felt compelled to share our experiences. When we revisited our places with new eyes and together with friends we just thought we could not keep it to ourselves, just out of the pleasure to share “our places”. Given our background of travels and connections around the world many of our friends don’t speak Italian (well, some of them pretend they do :-)). Moreover we think there are sides of our Country that are not so well known around, so why confining our stories to the Italian audience? So we took the English route. It’s not our mother tongue; we’ll make mistakes, but we hope to still convey the essence and the spirit of our experience.

Well, if you’ve read so far you must have been really curious :-). Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy this blog. Feel free to leave a comment; we’ll read it for sure.


Cesare, Maria Pia, Monica, Vito