Subway in Napoli: worth the wait!

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Metro di Napoli: Dante station
Metro di Napoli: Dante station

Metro di Napoli: Universita' stationOne day I saw major constructions starting near my home that broke open a whole street. I thought it must be something big. Indeed! It was in early ’70, and it was the new subway (or “Metro”). Last week I visited the two most recently opened stations; two more to go and the project will be completed.

Metro di Napoli: Universita' station



Metro di Napoli: Toledo stationIt would be easy to argue that it has taken way too long, but at least the results are outstanding. Other than servicing several high traffic areas as any subway should, every station is also a kind of modern art masterpiece in itself, designed by famous architects such as Gae Aulenti.




Metro di Napoli: Materdei station
Metro di Napoli: Materdei station

Each station has a different theme used as thread in the whole project that involves the station and the surface surroundings (usually a square and surrounding streets). Archaeological findings, pretty common in the downtown area, have been included in the project and displayed in interesting ways.Metro di Napoli: Toledo station

The results are quite impressive. The subway is now part of touristic tours, tahnks also to the information available on MetroNapoli website at the link about “Metro Art Tour” (in Italian) and on the related Facebook page. As of this writing they even offer a 1 hour guided tour for free once a week.



Metro di Napoli: Salvator Rosa stationIt has also been reported on by major newspapers in Italy and abroad, like the Telegraph. Between 2003 and last week we have toured all the currently open stations, and it was very interesting. Enough words: in this case pictures tell the story better. In addition to the few samples included in here you can find many more in the guides to each station that are available on the MetroNapoli site.


Metro di Napoli: Salvator Rosa station

Not a surrogate for a live visit, but a good sneak preview and tool for planning. And by the way, it’s cheap: the ticket costs 1,30 euros and lasts 90 minutes!


Metro di Napoli: Universita' station
Metro di Napoli: Universita’ station


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