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Ok. Part two about coffee. In the mean time we hope you enjoined the “caffè” homemade in neapolitan style!

The pending coffee or “caffè sospeso” is a usage very common in Naples especially in the past. Nowadays is strongly back because of the crisis and everyday you can discovered that it’s in use in other countries in different ways.

Basically it worked and works now in this way: you buy two coffees, one is for you and the other one for whoever. It was a sort of gift to the entire umanity!

PendingCoffeeThrough the years the target changed and basically was who can’t bear the cost of the coffee. So everyone can ask the barman if there is a pending coffee there and enjoy it.

It’s a beautiful way to support people who are in troubles showing them solidarity without overriding their dignity. Because of its mission and because of the economic crisis, few years ago a no profit association  was born whose goal is spreading the usage and keep its memory alive in the years

As written above, this usage is now all over the world. You can easily find “el cafè pendiente” in Spain, the coffee  “en attente”  in France, in Ireland the suspended one. It’s not about coffee or not only about coffee it’s a new way to mean values and lifestyle: here it is the bread, actually the baguette and who knows? Maybe in other countries there is something different pending … Tell us if you know!

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