Napoli: always modern, ancient, contradictory

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Panorama view of Napoli Gulf from Castel S. Elmo, eastern side
Panorama view of Napoli Gulf from Castel S. Elmo, eastern side

I just read this nice article on the Guardian about today’s Napoli, and I wanted to mention it here on the blog in a brief post. I think this article catches very well what you can “feel” today in Naples. There are many astonishingly beautiful things as you would expect in one of the historical capitals of Europe. Anyhow not everything is beautiful and sweet. It is a city of contradictions, a city where different cultures have been meeting for the last 27 centuries. This very contradiction is one of the characteristics of the city and part of its appeal.

One thing in the article that not everyone in Naples would agree with is the fully positive assessment of the new Major’s 2 years activity. At the beginning he was almost “acclaimed” (he got 65% of votes, which is pretty high) by city people hungry for much needed renovation. He has driven some changes, but over time he has lost some of the battles with the “administrative ecosystem” he has to deal with, thus losing traction. I think the balance is still somewhat positive, but much less of what people where hoping for.

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