One more “guinness” metro station

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Fleet - picture downloaded from Google
Fleet – picture downloaded from Google

Finally! I don’t know how long we waited for this subway. Now it’s the time: the new metro station “Piazza Municipio” should open on May 16th. I use

the conditional because many many problems they had during the works.

Below “Piazza Municipio” there was the ancient port of Neapolis, and toghether with bottles, and pots for wine and olive oil ready for the shipment to mediterranean destinations, sailor nets and gear, was discovered a real roman fleet.

The idea is to show all these finds in a kind of museum approachable by people taking the subway. All the works will be completed by 2016.

After this stop, and in addition to the already open stops University and Toledo, celebrated around the world, another one will be added: Via Duomo, where excavations have unearthed an ancient Gymnasium.

So a further gem in the subway already studded with precious, which by themselves are worth the visit to this wonderful city.

For those who wants to see pictures please read this article 

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